April 22,2017

 On April 22nd, our 4 students gave alecturefor elementary school students about Uwajimas history and attractive points. The lecture was for Uwajima children sightseeing ambassadors (the fourth generation students), who are studying about their local features and uniqueness to broaden their mind. It was conducted at Tsushima-Yasuragi-no-Sato, a roadside station, and 35 children took part in this event.
 The four volunteers conducted a presentation for 40 minutes about Traditional foods, Citrus fruits and aqua culture, Sight-seeing areas, and History. They prepared their presentation thinking about how they can entertain the participants and let the children learn the Uwajima culture. Thanks to the warm atmosphere, they could have done the presentation in a really nice mood.
It became a great chance for us to brush up our communication abilities and to study the Uwajima things again.

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uwajima kodomo t 3.jpg uwajima kodomo t 4.jpg

uwajima kodomo t 5.jpg uwajima kodomo t 6.jpg

April 20,2017

An orientation meeting for SG action, a project study, was conducted for the 4th graders on the 20th. Mr. KINOMOTO, a chief director of our SGH promotion headquarter, took a lecture on the outline of our SGH projects. He also mentioned what we should do to prepare for the challenges of globalization. His questionsthrown to the students were suggestive, and they took his words seriously. Soon, each group will start their project. I am sure youll see their thrilling, unique, powerful presentations in this coming March!

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April 13,2017

Class 4 of the 5th graders took a guidance for SG action, a project study, on 18th andthe annual plan was announced by Mr. KINOMOTO, a chief director of our SGH promotion headquarter. In this course, each member is going to conduct their own research through this whole school year, so they can keep studying on what they have been interested in since last year or, of course, they can start something new to deepen their research. We are really looking forward to seeing their ambitious and uniqueresearch theses.

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